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industria publicitaria

layer2-background device
Impresión de alta calidad
en tela vinilica
y Adhesivos
Plotteado de Corte
y Decorado de vehículo

Productos & Servicios

Servicio de Impresion

Ofrecemos servicios de impresión solvente de alta calidad para gigantografía, en adhesivos y tela vinílica..

Servicios de Corte

Contamos con PLotter Cut para servicios de Corte en adhesivos vinilicos


Fabricamos carteles backlight, fontlight, corpóreos y una diversidad de productos publicitarios como banner, merchadising, back podiums y mucho más.

Últimos Proyectos

  • Proyecto 1

    We are about to fulfill the prophecy. Some day, not long from now. You will all be in it. You are the chosen and the chosen have suffered long enough.

    Proyecto 2

    Leading on trails As hard as you be Can't nobody walk in these shoes You gonna fail. Now tell me who's gonna take the way. I'll lead the way.
  • Proyecto 3

    This world is ours. I will find him. I will reclaim what you have taken from us. I have a duty to my people.

    Proyecto 4

    You will see living forms, almost animal-like creatures. You will see continents being formed, the earth itself coming into existence.
  • Proyecto 5

    The Hindus have a word for it karma. They believe in reincarnation that a man pays in the next life.

    Proyecto 6

    Dark rumble replaces sweet symphony. For months they prepared themselves. The destination is unknown.